P.O. Box 23365 - 00604, Nairobi Kenya
La Défense, Paris
Our Vision

Transforming Lives Through Business Excellence

Engineering business processes for higher value proposition in learning, human asset building and sustainability for posterity
Shaping the lives of the stakeholders and the livelihoods linked intrinsically to the brand - Blackstone Synergy.
Christ – centric approaches to serving humanity through re-engineered business processes
Our Mission

Creating The Turnaround Algorithm

Driving value through mathematical modeling of the lead factors of critical influence in the business processes
Generating decision trees for potential outliers in the business process ahead of the curve maturity
Cascading the knowledge capital through the work forces to promote reproducibility of outcomes in constraints.
Core Value Proposition


Losing the identity of the self in the cause for the profession and the humanity at large
Value co-creation with the stakeholders through intellectual pursuits and seamless traction of the mind
Amalgam of the call of the soul with the profession to drive excellence

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